Monday, 18 November 2013



Hi I`m back and as you should know, my blog is called "Brickish Builds" and so far I`ve only done LEGO blogs. So I have decided to add some more brick and block built things into my new blog, starting with MINECRAFT! Throughout this blog their will be lots of pictures and not much writing, so that's all from me!

A small shrine to the 3 main gods

 Right, the race track and javelin throw, and the death tower. ( each 5 days, the best boy and girl from each team battle to reach the top with their partner.

The entrance to the camp with the camp logo. 

The 4 teams in the camp (Vipers, Bulls , Scorpions and Eagles)
Each have their own tables, leaders and houses (houses, below)

After you finish at the camp, the old students can move to the town, with a school, shops and houses. If they want to have children of their own, they can go to the school for either for university for themselves, or infants for their children until they can go to camp. 

GOLDESAUR! is the imperial gold dinosaur that protects Camp Maximus and the town.

Inside the statue that is at the top of the page, their is a gathering spot for the head of each team and the leader of camp.

And it is complete with a small quest board.

The leader of Camp Maximus`s small home.

But, the camp is still not finished, so check back in about 3 weeks on this same blog to see a giant garden I am building, a shrine that can talk to all gods and much, much more!
Bye for now!
p.s this was all done on Minecraft pocket edition and I built it with my little brother on our ipods.


Friday, 25 October 2013


Hi again and welcome to another blog post, and today I will be reviewing the LEGO show in Swindon, 2013. There will not be a lot of text but lot of fantastic model, from LEGO top trumps to huge mosaics!          

scroll down to see the rest of this amazing set up!

A whole western village!
one of my favorite models in the whole show, because it uses a plasma ball!                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

have you ever seen a model this amazing!?!
Lego friends actually do something useful! 
300 goes LEGO!

After watching a film about monkeys, you can go and relax in a fantastic Japanese sand garden!

 Giant LEGO bricks!

How cool are these top trumps?!?

thank you and enjoy!


Monday, 16 September 2013

CUSSOO overview

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Cussoo is a website made by LEGO that lets Lego fans post their ideas and other fans can like and recommend if they like the set.If the set reaches 10,000 likes then it will be posted to set creators and it may be turned into a set!
The delorean time machine from back to the future.
Only 3 sets that have 10,000 likes have been made in to actual sets so far,(16th of September 2013)and one of them may become an actual theme.These 3 sets are:Minecraft
 The Hayabusa satellite. (which I think is Japanese)
which now has two more sets made by LEGO to go with it. (A village and the Nether, see below.)                                             

The Minecraft village set.
Minecraft nether set.

If i had to choose a favourite, I would probably buy the Delorean time machine.This is because of the detailed interior,exterior,the characters,because i really enjoy the movie and that incredible fact that it can be built into 3 different forms depending on what part of the movie you want to replicate!

Marty Mcfly and Doc Brown.
The 3 forms you can build of the Dealorean.
If you could have your favourite book,movie,TV show or game made in to LEGO,what would it be?
Leave me a comment below.
Thanks for your time,

Thursday, 29 August 2013

                                              Hi! I`m Max!

Hi, my name is Max and I am currently 11 years old. I have been building with Lego since I was about 3 and I finally decided to show some of my models.

                                             Camaro SS 69

Recently I visited a car museum in Dorchester, (England) and my dad told me to choose my favourite car.
I chose the Camaro SS 69 which is the car on your left.
The outside was built first, and I had to build that in stages because I was so desperate to start even though I was still waiting on a lot the pieces.

Yay! the pieces have arrived, I started building straight

The Camaro gets it`s front end.
Only wheels to go!


It`s finally done! I think it was a huge success.

I think i might put it on Cuusoo (which is a Lego website where you can post your own models, and if 10,000 people like it it may be turned into an actual set!) Please comment if you think I should.
The finished Camaro

Hope you like it, I will hopefully be putting new models on around once a week.Every model on this page will have been made by me, from the backgrounds to the biggest builds, unless I`m doing a review.