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Hi I`m back and as you should know, my blog is called "Brickish Builds" and so far I`ve only done LEGO blogs. So I have decided to add some more brick and block built things into my new blog, starting with MINECRAFT! Throughout this blog their will be lots of pictures and not much writing, so that's all from me!

A small shrine to the 3 main gods

 Right, the race track and javelin throw, and the death tower. ( each 5 days, the best boy and girl from each team battle to reach the top with their partner.

The entrance to the camp with the camp logo. 

The 4 teams in the camp (Vipers, Bulls , Scorpions and Eagles)
Each have their own tables, leaders and houses (houses, below)

After you finish at the camp, the old students can move to the town, with a school, shops and houses. If they want to have children of their own, they can go to the school for either for university for themselves, or infants for their children until they can go to camp. 

GOLDESAUR! is the imperial gold dinosaur that protects Camp Maximus and the town.

Inside the statue that is at the top of the page, their is a gathering spot for the head of each team and the leader of camp.

And it is complete with a small quest board.

The leader of Camp Maximus`s small home.

But, the camp is still not finished, so check back in about 3 weeks on this same blog to see a giant garden I am building, a shrine that can talk to all gods and much, much more!
Bye for now!
p.s this was all done on Minecraft pocket edition and I built it with my little brother on our ipods.


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