Thursday, 29 August 2013

                                              Hi! I`m Max!

Hi, my name is Max and I am currently 11 years old. I have been building with Lego since I was about 3 and I finally decided to show some of my models.

                                             Camaro SS 69

Recently I visited a car museum in Dorchester, (England) and my dad told me to choose my favourite car.
I chose the Camaro SS 69 which is the car on your left.
The outside was built first, and I had to build that in stages because I was so desperate to start even though I was still waiting on a lot the pieces.

Yay! the pieces have arrived, I started building straight

The Camaro gets it`s front end.
Only wheels to go!


It`s finally done! I think it was a huge success.

I think i might put it on Cuusoo (which is a Lego website where you can post your own models, and if 10,000 people like it it may be turned into an actual set!) Please comment if you think I should.
The finished Camaro

Hope you like it, I will hopefully be putting new models on around once a week.Every model on this page will have been made by me, from the backgrounds to the biggest builds, unless I`m doing a review.


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